Brooklyn Apartment Building Fire Forces Tenants To Jump From Windows « CBS New York

We often refuse to understand that Fire can be dangerous even when is a small fire …

what about if you open your room or house door and fire and smoke are already there … in front of you … to this point it does not matter how big is the Fire, it does not matter if over that “fire wall” there are free stairs … what matter is that you are Trapped in that place!

In the accident described in the video and article (link on the bottom to this page) I am glad to say that all saved their life … but still two people went to the hospital (one of them is a small child). They escape from “the only evacuation way they had… “THE WINDOW” … in this case thanks to a “neighbouring roofs”.

Always consider the opportunity to have a secondary and safe way out! (EBE Emergency Building Evacuation plan)

You will probably (hopefully) never gat in such situation, but “never say never” … following some salient phrases from the interviewed people … Probably they also thought “it will never happen to me”

“In one minute I smelled smoke, opened my door and it was too late — had to head straight to the window,” he said. “I was fearing for my life, I had to get out of there. It was so intense, so quick, so fast.”


“Just a whole flame of fire, just fire and smoke. I couldn’t see nothing,” he said. “I jumped through the window around the back and waited until fire rescuers came and take me down from the other side of the building.”


Greene said he probably lost everything but he’s thankful he was able to get out.

“I’m alive, it’s okay. I’m alive, I’m glad to be alive,” he said.

Brooklyn Apartment Building Fire Forces Tenants To Jump From Windows « CBS New York.

Paris Attack

I am astonished!
each day one new attack perpetrated by terrorists in name of their God!
Today in Paris, 12 unarmed people shoot dead, one police officer executed (in the video).
All this happen also because we believe that our society is safe, and we have been taught that having a weapon for self defence is “Bad” is “devil”!
But let me ask this: what about if instead of filming the event with a mobile, the guy would have had a weapon? probably at least the Police man would have been injured but not executed…
My thought now goes to the victims families’ and the victims! R.I.P.

Sono Basito!
Ogni giorno un nuovo attacco perpetrato da terroristi in nome del loro Dio!
Oggi a parigi, 12 persone disarmate uccise a sangue freddo, un poliziotto giustiziato (nel video)
Tutto questo succede anche perché noi tutti pensiamo che la nostra sia una società sicura, e ci è stato insegnato che avere un arma per difesa personale è “male”, è “il Diavolo”!
Ma lasciatemi chiedere questo: E se invece di filmare il tragico evento con un telefonino, quest’uomo avesse avuto un arma? probabilmente, almeno il poliziotto sarebbe stato si ferito ma non giustiziato…
Il mio pensiero va alle famiglie delle vittime ed alle vittime! R.I.P.