This my comment is written first in English because I want everybody understand what kind of situation Italy is now “suffering”.
The white spot on the center bottom of this map indicate the latest illegal immigrant pick up point made by the Italian Navy. 14 boats with 4000 Illegals (I cannot call them refugees, or immigrants, at least until they show their real identity). I am not a person that would prefer to kill, or even worst, abandon people to a bad end, but we all must consider what is the right or the wrong action.
Continuing this procedure will only encourage unscrupulous smugglers and criminals to increase (day by day) this Human-traffic!
Wouldn’t be easier and safer to have a coalition force building up a collecting centre directly on the Libyan coasts, rather than pick up people right in front of them? Isn’t it the time to stop supporting Criminal activities? Yes I wrote SUPPORT, because our today action, although for many appear to be mercy in respect of the humans, it is only SUPPORT to criminals and smugglers!!!! 

And for those that believe that Italy will be the final destination, I have a bad news… Many of this illegals are daily crossing the Italian border and are spreading around the whole EU … Although we are the first suffering, you must consider that we won’t be the last!

It is time that all EU people (not politicians) will start complaining and force their government to help stop this Situation! We people will suffer the evolution of this situation not “them politicians” !

I live you to one Italian Article talking about the event.

Vi lascio all’articolo Italiano


Next stop, Moscow: Merkel and Hollande to present peace plan for Ukraine in Russia | euronews, world news

Next stop, Moscow, for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande.

They are expected to outline details of their newly-proposed peace plan for eastern Ukraine in the Russian capital on Friday (February 6).

The leaders presented their strategy to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv a day earlier, following a visit to the capital by US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

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Night vision contacts could allow us to see in the dark

Although night vision capabilities are considered  in the modern battlefield as a primary tools, most nations are not yet well equipped.

Cost, maintenance, limitation on the field of view, batteries length, etc are important factors that let nation slow down in the development of their NVG capabilities.

What I propose here is a small article the announce the probable development of NV Contact lenses.

How would you like such tool?

Would you like to see in the dark, especially when you get up from bed in the middle of the night and you are too sleepy to turn the light on? Walking sleepy with the light turned off can lead to pain, because you can hit something. Imagine what happens next. You scream, your wife wakes up scared and neighbours start to think that a crime has been commited, so they call the police. What a night…

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Troops from 50 nations came to Afghanistan to help rebuild the country. Many found themselves fighting for their lives… … The fight – Return to Hope

The fight - Return to Hope


On 20 September 2001, just days after the 9/11 attacks,

US President George W. Bush issued an ultimatum to the Taliban regime: hand over the leaders of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, close every terrorist training camp in the country. The ultimatum was rejected. The US response was immediate:

The Afghan capital Kabul was liberated by Northern Alliance opposition forces on 13 November.

In mid-December US troops and their international partners attempted to capture Osama bin Laden at the Battle of Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan near the Khyber Pass. But he escaped across the border to Pakistan.

Soon Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban, fell to US and anti-Taliban Afghan forces. By January 2002, the Taliban had officially capitulated.

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UCAV, A New Way of War?


Every day, somewhere, in some office, there is a discussion on the use of UCAVs.

Meanwhile the public opinion keep raising doubts on the use of these tactical systems (good both for surveillance and attack), all nations are running on the development of new and better UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle)  and UCTV (Unmanned Combat Terrestrial Vehicle) systems’.  

There is no doubt that they are for several reason better than any other past and actual systems:  it is, in fact, enough to affirm that UCAVs has the only limitation in their real autonomy (fuel consumption etc) and not in Human limitations’.  Since are remotely controlled (also by the use of satellites, which expand their use to a worldwide area), pilots, have no problem of sleep deprivation, or fear or any other “Human concerns” etc., therefore are considered “better soldiers”.

As Former Special Forces, I have some doubts on their future use and developments… we Human know that the war is not only shooting here or there, launching bombs etc, war is matter of killing people, create devastations, defend innocents, etc. … but the idea behind the future development of these UCAV and UCTV (Unmanned Combat Terrestrial Vehicle) stand in the research and development of system able to operate in the complete absence of Human control… in the future (not far in my opinion) we will probably have to just set the target or task in the computer and lunch the system… it will accomplish the mission, no matter what, when, where etc etc … very good if considering only the tactical and strategical tasks… but what about when Human are victim of failure systems?

what about in the hand of terroristic groups'?

My other big concern stand in the fact that, if we can create, develop and use such systems, also our enemies can!  this means that terroristic groups, weak nations etc (that before needed anyway a huge effort in oder to create a real treat) tomorrow (or already today) could need a small effort to gain a huge result…

we always need to remember that what can be achieved by the “good guys” with a huge effort, can be achieved by the “bad guys” with half of the same effort. In fact, meanwhile we are wondering whether these systems should be used or not, and how and when etc. , the bad guys have only the problem to gain some!

I leave you with the following article, which explain in short how UACVs gain power on the tactical scene, and what concerns are now showing up!

A New Way of War | Remote Control Project.


Here another FAQS short article, this time about PMSCs.

Let me introduce the article with a personal consideration.  In the eyes of “pacifist” or generally Civilians with none or very little understanding of the security world, all PMSCs are just groups of “mercenaries”, therefore considered dangerous, out of control, and in anyway useless!

Most people consider the PMSCs’ personnel as criminals or even worst “paranoid people” looking for murdering and other stupidities.

Well, this is an idea instilled by Media and other mass communications platforms, that always describe these companies as “non legal. unclear” entities, and that can gather a lot of audience form this description.  In reality, although I admit it remain still some grey zone (i.e. luck of clear international regulation and protocol), the majority of the PMSCs are doing an incredible good job both in war contest and in our normal society.  In fact, under the name of PMSCs are not only these companies that work in war zone, but also all the companies providing any sort of security services around the world.

I will write more on the subject in my future article, but for the moment I leave you at the PMSCs’ FAQS … PMSCs | Remote Control Project.

Drones & Autonomous Weapons FAQS

In the linked article three easy and common questions about Drones: What, Why, and Concerns.

Enjoy your read.

Drones & Autonomous Weapons | Remote Control Project.

A new Way of War … Remote Control Project

Nowadays the discussion on the use of Drone and any “remote-controlled tools” is undergoing in many groups, such as Political, civilian or “Pacifists”.

If in one hand, drones are seen as an effective and valuable tool to control and even attack possible “enemies”, in the other hand are seen as the “devil”.

One thing is sure; This technology is designed to excel in all actual and future conflict.

Moreover, the “apparent” low cost, the easier friendliness, and the real effectiveness,  make it easy and suitable for the use not only of Law Enforcement forces during the daily territorial control activities’, but also by whom wants to use this technology as “instrument of mass control”!

If you are interested in such discussion, please leave a comment. I will use them in order to better develop the subject in my future Articles.

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For most, winter is the most demanding environment to operate in.

For the unprepared and inexperienced, it can be a nightmare of cold, of struggle against the elements, immobility, misery, even death. And only from the elements.  For the experienced, it provides the exact opposite – mobility, access to water anywhere, a time where working with the elements offers a greater edge in using them to your advantage against your opponents, something known to any guerilla warrior, and a time of beauty and awareness, but also highly skill demanding.  If you are an amateur, even only slightly trained – you are screwed against even moderate experts.  In the following editions of Tactical News Magazine I will write three articles on winter survival, the next will cover WHY you need to know about snow types, shelter techniques that work and which that refrain you from getting wet when building, fires that will make you comfortable instead of just smoke and shivering over a small miserable fire, how to protect your kit and weapon from getting wet or frozen, how to dry equipment in winter, and how to gain the initiative in winter conditions, and ten small secrets sooo essential to winter survival.

If you want to operate in winter, you had better learn to be comfortable first. Or the enemy will simple let you get miserable before anything else.

In all three articles we will emphasize the need to  THINK and to be AHEAD of developing situations by building MARGINS.  PREVENTION is critical in winter as it takes forever to recover back to the outset when you make mistakes.  What is winter?


For some winter is rain. When we talk about winter – we mean snow and freezing temperatures. Oh yes, even way above the Arctic circle coastal conditions can mean rain in winter– and temperatures jumping from minus 25 to rain in day and back – with disastrous consequences if unprepared. And it can be -40° C and a strong breeze on top (not talking minus 40° windchill – I am talking -40° C read on the thermometer and wind on top. Coldest I have had? Around

·      56° C and a light breeze on top. People say high air humidity and wind at milder temperatures is the coldest

·      but only because they were not dressed right. -56 C and a light breeze is amazingly cold, trust me. But you can still do well.

How to stay WARM…

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