ISIS Threat: Obama’s Remarks Over the Past Year Show Evolution – NBC

In these days the news are talking about two main war problems:  ISIS and Ukraine.

Here following an interesting overview on the last year Obama Point of view of ISIS … It could also be called:  How “people” change mind along the time …


President Barack Obama formally asked Congress on Wednesday for authorization to use military force to fight ISIS. The proposal limits engagement to three years and prohibits “enduring offensive ground forces.”

Here’s a look at how the president’s language on ISIS has evolved over the past year.

Jan. 27, 2014

In an interview with The New Yorker, Obama makes the point that not every terror group rises to the level of al Qaeda.

“The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant,” Obama said, resorting to an uncharacteristically flip analogy. “I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

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Iraqi Christian militia moves to take the battle to ISIS: ‘This is our last stand’ [Video] | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

Four thousand Assyrian Christians will move against Daesh (ISIS) to make their final stand to save Christianity in Iraq. I admire their bravery and perhaps with God’s blessing, they will prevail. But I have doubts – I know the US said it would take a minimum of ten thousand soldiers on the ground to even have a ghost of a chance at defeating ISIS. Having said that, Christian militias are fierce – they are fighting for their lives, the lives of their loved ones and their faith. If you are a Christian and you pray, pray for the Assyrians… they are fighting evil, barbaric monsters who will stop at nothing to control Iraq.

Assyrian Christians forced to flee from their homes by last summer’s advance of Islamic State fighters are forming a militia of up to 4,000 men to take back their homeland.

According to the London-based Catholic Herald,

Their aim is to take back the rest of the Nineveh Plains, a traditionally Christian part of Iraq, which was overrun by ISIS last summer. More than 100,000 Christians are currently displaced in the nearby Kurdish-controlled region of northern Iraq, along with a large number of Yazidis.

The group, the Nineveh Plains Protection Unit, is allied with the Iraqi Army and Kurdish pesh merga militia, according to the Catholic Herald. It is funded largely by donations from Assyrians and those of Assyrian descent living in the United States, Australia and Sweden and being trained by American contractors, the paper reported.

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You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said

You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss how ISIS – also known as Daesh – is not desperate after the burning of the Jordanian pilot, as the Defense Department claims, but instead loves to torture and is empowered by it.

“They’re having the time of their lives. This kind of violence is captivating, exhilarating and thrilling to these guys. It’s never going to get better for them than this,” Peters said. “They have power now. They can exert their will over others.”

Then he said this:

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Troops from 50 nations came to Afghanistan to help rebuild the country. Many found themselves fighting for their lives… … The fight – Return to Hope

The fight - Return to Hope


On 20 September 2001, just days after the 9/11 attacks,

US President George W. Bush issued an ultimatum to the Taliban regime: hand over the leaders of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, close every terrorist training camp in the country. The ultimatum was rejected. The US response was immediate:

The Afghan capital Kabul was liberated by Northern Alliance opposition forces on 13 November.

In mid-December US troops and their international partners attempted to capture Osama bin Laden at the Battle of Tora Bora in eastern Afghanistan near the Khyber Pass. But he escaped across the border to Pakistan.

Soon Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban, fell to US and anti-Taliban Afghan forces. By January 2002, the Taliban had officially capitulated.

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JIHADISTS’ TRAVEL TIPS … From Antwerp to Aleppo — and back: Europe’s nightmare –

Jihadists’ travel tips

Another Belgian jihadist with a high profile is Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan descent from a suburb of Brussels. An ISIS video posted in March last year shows him in a truck towing four dead bodies away in the aftermath of a massacre. Abaaoud’s 13-year old brother also arrived in Syria later — to become reputedly the youngest foreign fighter there.

Belgian analyst and historian Pieter Van Ostaeyen says jihadists help each other with travel advice through social media.

One posted on Facebook: “Everything you need is available here, be it clothes or things for your home, we have everything.” And a tip: “Don’t behave like a warrior. Shave your beards, behave like tourists and buy tickets back and forth.”

Precise figures on the number of Europeans who have gone to Iraq and Syria — and which groups they have joined — are hard to come by. The consensus among counter-terrorism analysts is that more than 3,000 have traveled, of whom 500 have returned, including up to 70 who have come back to Belgium.

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Are we really looking for possible measures to contrast Terrorism or are we only loosing time and money? EU pushes for quick decision on new anti-terror law | euronews, world news

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 18.18.48


I do not want to step into politics, but allowed me to provide an harsh comment to the EU counter terrorism Project (and of course actual status)!

As short introduction, I think important to underline how and when Europe got the “Union” word, therefore I would like you all to carefully read a paragraph copied at the link of EU (here)

“we should underline that With the collapse of communism across central and eastern Europe, Europeans become closer neighbours. In 1993 the Single Market is completed with the ‘four freedoms’ of: movement of goods, services, people and money. The 1990s is also the decade of two treaties, the ‘Maastricht’ Treaty on European Union in 1993 and the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. People are concerned about how to protect the environment and also how Europeans can act together when it comes to security and defence matters. In 1995 the EU gains three more new members, Austria, Finland and Sweden. A small village in Luxembourg gives its name to the ‘Schengen’ agreements that gradually allow people to travel without having their passports checked at the borders. Millions of young people study in other countries with EU support. Communication is made easier as more and more people start using mobile phones and the internet.”

Ok, after this clear description of what EU wanted, and would like to be, let’s go back to what has been the discussion of this week in the EU parliament:

The EU wants a quick decision on a new law that will force governments to share air passenger data. The draft bill, first proposed in 2011, is being looked at again after the Paris attacks amid fears about returning jihadists from Syria. A committee of MEPs rejected the legislation in 2013.

Now, after the above sentence, allowed me to exclaim… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT THE @@@@@@ IS THIS DISCUSSION?

In my perception, when talking about “UNITY”, it should be compulsory to have such unity also and especially in these matters that really concern people… so as I underline on the paragraph copied by EU site “People are concerned about how to protect the environment and also how Europeans can act together when it comes to security and defence matters“, security and defence should not be matter of discussion, not anymore! but “apparently” this is not the actual status

If we, EUROPEAN CITIZENS, want to be safe and protected, we need to act in order to be safe and protected, all together, like if we where just a “single nation”.

Nowadays, when we are already talking of EU, it is not anymore the time to claim for this kind of “privacy right”; in instance, in each single Nation of the European Union, police forces have the right to control anybody, have the right to exchange information between police stations etc. So why, if we live in the EU, we still have to authorise police forces to investigate on European people (and anybody traveling or visiting Europe)?

Meanwhile in EU we still have a lot of discussion on the scan of finger print, when anybody travel to USA, or UAE etc, hi/she has to provide his/her fingerprint! why not in EU?

Although I agree with people that claim for privacy, although I agree with people that concern about a miss use (or abuse) of certain “Control powers”, I strongly believe that we need to understand what are the proper boundaries of privacy.  In a society, where our credit card, cell phone, TV subscription, Internet etc etc, collect millions of data in order to provide better Info to whom will sell or advertise goods, I remained stunned when people believe that the same information cannot be freely provided to police forces.

Probably people and especially our politicians prefer to suffer of a terroristic attack rather than understand that sometime we need to give something in order to receive something! and Safety and security is way more important than not tell police that I am in paris or in Rome.  it will anyway show up as soon as I connect in Internet!!!!

As final consideration, and in the hope that some Politic responsible for these decision read my article, I personally prefer police to know my movement within EU rather than see soldiers patrolling my city streets! 

Have fun with the following incredible reality…

via EU pushes for quick decision on new anti-terror law | euronews, world news.

Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news

It was really sad to watch the news this morning and get to know that the first of the two Japan Hostages was brutally killed.

There are really no much world that can be said in such sad situation!  As probably (and hopefully) the majority of you, I cannot find any sort of justification for the murdering of an innocent and unarmed person.

I admit to have contrasting thought on the action that should be followed in order to avoid the dead of the second hostage.  In fact, if in one hand I would not surrend to these criminal requests’, on the other hand I feel as the life of the remained Hostage is surely the most important one.

I found also useless in this case just say that we should kill them all, this because at the moment the priority (at least for the Japan Government) is to find a way to save the life of the Hostage, and shouting dead sentence would not help in the looking for a solution!

In any case, and anyway, wether that Japan Government will manage to have him safely back, or not, we will all have to seriously think on a real solution of this problem.  If we (and I say we, because this is a common problem to any nation of this small world) don’t begin to seriously think at a huge coalition to smash and extirpate ISIS and any other similar Terroristic organisation, we will definitely get used to the killings of Hostage in TV!

As always my though goes to the Hostage, to the victims and to their families!

Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news.

Former French soldiers, including Special Forces, join ISIS

As the fight to ISIS keep going on, many sad and bad news are coming out.

On the attached article you will read about (in this case) “former” French soldiers (also coming from SF Units) joining ISIS Forces.

I personally feel frustrated by such news.  If in one hand I expected such event (Is not only because they where soldiers that shouldn’t join the “dark side”), on the other hand, to think that well prepared Soldiers are joining the bad cause can only raise my concern!

My primary concern stand in the fact that ISIS personnel will surely exploit their knowledge and experience in order to better fight the “Coalition Forces'”;  than, as second step, they will probably create special cells within the Jihadists, which will be able to operate autonomously and perpetrate simple or even complex operations in order to attack any possible target around the world!

My secondary concern stand in the media effect;  having Special forces Joining the ISIS could become that good incentive to let many other (for the moment not yet decided or sure) to join the ISIS cause!

I personally have not a real solution to this situation; have been demonstrated that are not only muslims deciding to join ISIS, but also (and especially) converted to Islam, that normally follow the extremism path. And we all know that a person motivated by “faith” can be way more drastic in his/her decision than a person motivated by any other thing!

Read the article here: Former French soldiers, including Special Forces, join ISIS.



Purtroppo per loro hanno attaccato i reparti speciali canadesi | Qelsi

Erano in ricognizione con alti dirigenti iracheni quando sono stati raggiunti da alcuni colpi di mortaio. Per loro sfortuna i militanti dell’Isis hanno attaccato un commando congiunto della Joint Task Force 2 e del 427° Special Operations Aviation Squadron che in pochi secondi è passato al contrattacco eliminando la minaccia. … 

I nostri ragazzi – ha spiegato il generale Rouleau – si trovavano ad alcuni chilometri dalle linee nemiche durante un sopralluogo effettuato con alti dirigenti iracheni….

Mentre effettuavano alcune rilevazioni sul terreno – continua il comandante del CANSOFCOM – il convoglio è stato raggiunto da alcuni colpi di mortaio. Dopo aver assicurato i civili, i nostri ragazzi hanno risposto con tutta la potenza di fuoco a loro disposizione. Purtroppo per loro, hanno attaccato i nostri commando….

CONTINUA A LEGGERE AL LINK: Purtroppo per loro hanno attaccato i reparti speciali canadesi | Qelsi.

Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news

Hear we are again!

I regretfully have to say that this kind of news will never get to an end!  If in one hand, terrorists are making of such treat a kind of “institution” (allowed me this term), on the other hand, there are to many people not really aware on what to do and how to behave when traveling or working in “high risk countries or environments”

No, I don’t want to say that it is Hostage fault, or that thanks to a better preparation and training such tremendous event (kidnapping) will get to an end, but I am sure it will become harder for these foolish criminals to kidnap people!

My thought goes to the two Japanese hostages and their families!

READ THE FULL NEWS Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news.