Here another FAQS short article, this time about PMSCs.

Let me introduce the article with a personal consideration.  In the eyes of “pacifist” or generally Civilians with none or very little understanding of the security world, all PMSCs are just groups of “mercenaries”, therefore considered dangerous, out of control, and in anyway useless!

Most people consider the PMSCs’ personnel as criminals or even worst “paranoid people” looking for murdering and other stupidities.

Well, this is an idea instilled by Media and other mass communications platforms, that always describe these companies as “non legal. unclear” entities, and that can gather a lot of audience form this description.  In reality, although I admit it remain still some grey zone (i.e. luck of clear international regulation and protocol), the majority of the PMSCs are doing an incredible good job both in war contest and in our normal society.  In fact, under the name of PMSCs are not only these companies that work in war zone, but also all the companies providing any sort of security services around the world.

I will write more on the subject in my future article, but for the moment I leave you at the PMSCs’ FAQS … PMSCs | Remote Control Project.