Personal Security: Sex – It’s just business! (by Orlando Wilson) 

It makes me laugh how many people try to portray a corporate image of being sweet and innocent but given a moments freedom away from their wives etc. and they are getting into all sorts of trouble…

From a security and management point of view I expect people, especially guys, to be doing stupid things so, it makes sense to put contingencies in place for the well-being of all involved.

From a close protection / bodyguards point of view its essential you know how the sex business works and what problems can occur. Wealthy and traveling clients like to party and if you chose to work with partying clients you are going to have to understand their lifestyles… If you object to a client’s lifestyle then don’t take the job because I doubt if you will be keeping it very long, and if you don’t understand their world you’re are just as much of the liability for your own personal security as you are for the clients!!OrlandoSex- it’s Just BusinessIt always surprises me how many guys don’t understand the sex business and end up in trouble because they get duped by girls using routines that have been around since women realized how dumb guys were.

It amazes my as a security professional how many guys get themselves into situations that can damage their health, safety and professional reputation by being stupid. So, here are some words of advice and warning from someone who understand how things work!

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