Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news

It was really sad to watch the news this morning and get to know that the first of the two Japan Hostages was brutally killed.

There are really no much world that can be said in such sad situation!  As probably (and hopefully) the majority of you, I cannot find any sort of justification for the murdering of an innocent and unarmed person.

I admit to have contrasting thought on the action that should be followed in order to avoid the dead of the second hostage.  In fact, if in one hand I would not surrend to these criminal requests’, on the other hand I feel as the life of the remained Hostage is surely the most important one.

I found also useless in this case just say that we should kill them all, this because at the moment the priority (at least for the Japan Government) is to find a way to save the life of the Hostage, and shouting dead sentence would not help in the looking for a solution!

In any case, and anyway, wether that Japan Government will manage to have him safely back, or not, we will all have to seriously think on a real solution of this problem.  If we (and I say we, because this is a common problem to any nation of this small world) don’t begin to seriously think at a huge coalition to smash and extirpate ISIS and any other similar Terroristic organisation, we will definitely get used to the killings of Hostage in TV!

As always my though goes to the Hostage, to the victims and to their families!

Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news.