In case of Fire DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW!!! In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

I believe this is a clear message!  I would like this sign to become one of the normally Fire Sign used in all Buildings like the one “don’t use the lift” etc. 

How many life have gone because people was trapped in a fire or other events?  I would say to far to many!  Today we have technique and technology that can help us in such situation, no matter how high is the building, you will be always able to safely repel down with the use of a rope.  

Consider that in 15 minutes over 15 people can evacuate form a unique Ancor point… and in the same time, if you are lucky, the firefighters and emergency teams will be just arrived.  Than, when you are over the fifth floor you won’t even  be able to evacuate with the fireman’s ladder,  … yes is too short!!… so you will have to wait until the firefighter can reach you by the inside of the building… but fire do not wait… a collapse of the building can happen any second… a dense and highly toxic smoke will be probably filling all empty spaces, burning out your oxygen reserve… etc etc …

Now consider… we are talking of a minimum of 15 minutes waiting (and this is a really positive and optimistic time estimation)… in the same time, when you have a repelling evacuation system, already 15 people would have been able to safely evacuate from each evacuation point!

Prevention and awareness are the primary survival mean in any situation… No matter who you are, how rich you are, your social rank, age, sex etc …


In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!.

In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

non saltare dalla finestra-emergenza-fuoco-discesa-in corda-danilo-amelotti-EBE

Quante volte avete sentito o letto di persone che, rimaste intrappolate in un edificio a causa di un incendio, hanno deciso di saltare giu’ dalla finestra?

Penso tutti ricorderete gli avvenimenti dell’11 Settembre 2001 (9/11), e ricorderete le agghiaccianti immagini di persone che saltavano nel vuoto!

Vivere o lavorare in un palazzo alto e’ sicuramente piacevole, dalle finestre si può’ godere di un ottima vista, il rumore del traffico e’ minore, l’aria più’ pulita… Ma quando dovesse giungere il momento di evacuare rapidamente può’ diventare una TRAPPOLA MORTALE…

Non serve un enorme incidente, basta un muro di fuoco e fumo che vi intrappola in una stanza.

I vigili del Fuoco hanno scale che possono arrivare fino al 5 piano, non oltre, e comunque impiegheranno sempre del tempo per arrivare sul posto.

Oggi, grazie alla conoscenza ed alla tecnologia, chiunque può’ essere preparato a tale evenienza ed avere un via alternativa di fuga.  Anche persone con disabilità motorie e bambini possono facilmente evacuare un edificio in tutta sicurezza.

Io vi propongo un sistema innovativo che vi permetterà di evacuare un edificio rapidamente, autonomamente, ed in piena sicurezza, usando una finestra o un balcone come “via di fuga”. EBE

Qui di seguito una serie di articoli di incidenti avvenuti in Italia.

Milano, per salvarsi dall’incendio anziano si butta dalla finestra e muore

Incendio in casa, padre lancia figlia dalla finestra a un passante e le salva la vita

Era sabato sera quando un cestino per i rifiuti ha preso fuoco nel palazzo. In poco tempo, le fiamme si sono propagate fino a rendere impossibile la fuga.

Via Giovannetti: incendio in appartamento, uomo si butta dalla finestra
„Sorpreso nell’appartamento in fiamme dell’ex compagna si lancia dalla finestra“


Divampa incendio in casa Si lancia dalla finestra



Boardman apt. catches fire, man jumps from window |

Brooklyn Apartment Building Fire Forces Tenants To Jump From Windows « CBS New York

We often refuse to understand that Fire can be dangerous even when is a small fire …

what about if you open your room or house door and fire and smoke are already there … in front of you … to this point it does not matter how big is the Fire, it does not matter if over that “fire wall” there are free stairs … what matter is that you are Trapped in that place!

In the accident described in the video and article (link on the bottom to this page) I am glad to say that all saved their life … but still two people went to the hospital (one of them is a small child). They escape from “the only evacuation way they had… “THE WINDOW” … in this case thanks to a “neighbouring roofs”.

Always consider the opportunity to have a secondary and safe way out! (EBE Emergency Building Evacuation plan)

You will probably (hopefully) never gat in such situation, but “never say never” … following some salient phrases from the interviewed people … Probably they also thought “it will never happen to me”

“In one minute I smelled smoke, opened my door and it was too late — had to head straight to the window,” he said. “I was fearing for my life, I had to get out of there. It was so intense, so quick, so fast.”


“Just a whole flame of fire, just fire and smoke. I couldn’t see nothing,” he said. “I jumped through the window around the back and waited until fire rescuers came and take me down from the other side of the building.”


Greene said he probably lost everything but he’s thankful he was able to get out.

“I’m alive, it’s okay. I’m alive, I’m glad to be alive,” he said.

Brooklyn Apartment Building Fire Forces Tenants To Jump From Windows « CBS New York.