In case of Fire DO NOT JUMP OUT OF THE WINDOW!!! In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

I believe this is a clear message!  I would like this sign to become one of the normally Fire Sign used in all Buildings like the one “don’t use the lift” etc. 

How many life have gone because people was trapped in a fire or other events?  I would say to far to many!  Today we have technique and technology that can help us in such situation, no matter how high is the building, you will be always able to safely repel down with the use of a rope.  

Consider that in 15 minutes over 15 people can evacuate form a unique Ancor point… and in the same time, if you are lucky, the firefighters and emergency teams will be just arrived.  Than, when you are over the fifth floor you won’t even  be able to evacuate with the fireman’s ladder,  … yes is too short!!… so you will have to wait until the firefighter can reach you by the inside of the building… but fire do not wait… a collapse of the building can happen any second… a dense and highly toxic smoke will be probably filling all empty spaces, burning out your oxygen reserve… etc etc …

Now consider… we are talking of a minimum of 15 minutes waiting (and this is a really positive and optimistic time estimation)… in the same time, when you have a repelling evacuation system, already 15 people would have been able to safely evacuate from each evacuation point!

Prevention and awareness are the primary survival mean in any situation… No matter who you are, how rich you are, your social rank, age, sex etc …


In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!.

Fire at apartment blocks kills 4, leaves 124 injured-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

A police officer helps a resident retrieve her belongings Sunday in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi. By Kim Sang-seon

We should all think about fire or other dramatic events that could seriously treat our lives… and we should not get scared about it, because today we have the proper knowledge and technology to help “helpers” and to rapidly and safely evacuate a building…

Every day we spend money in probably “not of primary needs” goods and services, but when it comes time to prevent a possible problem, therefore prepare ourselves and probably spend some money for proper training, equipments, and tools, we just say the most common and famous sentences… “it will never happen to me… my house is safe… fire?  there are firefighter for it … etc.”

here few sentences from the linked article (on the bottom of this page) that could stimulate your attention 😉

The female victims were 26-year-old Han Kyeong-jin, 29-year-old Yoon Hyo-jeong and 68-year-old Ahn Hyeon-sun. Lee Gwang-hyeok, 44, was the only male victim. 

VICTIMS ARE ALWAYS FROM ANY AGE AND SEX… when you are trapped, you are just trapped!


Four helicopters and 160 firefighters were sent to the scene, with the first fire truck arriving at 9:33 a.m. But authorities said they had a tough time getting to the location because the road leading to the buildings was too narrow for the fire truck to drive through. 

Thick smoke rises from the scene of a fire in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, 27 kilometers north of Seoul (17 miles) on Saturday morning, leaving four dead and 124 injured as of press time Sunday. [NEWSIS]

We never know how long Firefighters or other Rescue Unit will take to arrive… and in such situations, time run faster than ever!


During that time, the flames obstructed the main doorways on the first floors and smoke billowed up inside the buildings. Most of the trapped victims evacuated to the rooftops and waited for helicopters to rescue them. 

Others who lived on the lower floors jumped out of their windows or climbed down the outer walls before firefighters arrived at the scene. 

Opportunity to run out the window could be for everybody… you only need to know How and with What!  (EBE)

Fire at apartment blocks kills 4, leaves 124 injured-INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily.