PTSD vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs: What is REALLY Killing Our Veterans?

Since I have been out of the service I have lost many friends. Brothers and Sisters in uniform. This is an epidemic that must be addressed. Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide everyday. This is not acceptable. While the VA scandalizes itself and misuses funding while ignoring my brethren; and Capitol Hill and the White House send funding to far away shores while also giving medical care to illegal aliens; I am left wondering why we are ignored and forgotten.

22 Veterans a day. THAT’S INSANE! Why? How? some of these Veterans that take their own lives weren’t even deployed. There has to be a common link. So I did some digging. My mind automatically went searching for a medical reason, having been a Hospital Corpsman and Paramedic. With the aid of a few friends, we came across some articles that were published and since forgotten.

Let’s talk about the anti-malaria drug Mefloquine.

This report is from CBS in 2013:(I apologize for the poor quality of the video)

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