Terrorism… Meanwhile many still believe that terrorism won’t seriously affect Europe… Meanwhile many still believe that ISIS can be controlled sending just a few hundreds soldiers in Middle East countries… Meanwhile many still believe that we are safe, that guns owner are the real danger and that Illegal Immigration must be “supported” because “they are refugee fleeing from war”… Meanwhile the people is discussing about “Gender”, raising “peace & love” flags in every second corner of our western world… in few hours, 4 different attacks have been perpetrated, in four different countries, to four different “kind of target”, right in front of our eyes…

The victims where not politicians, soldiers, police or any other “specific” target… they where “nobody and everybody”!!!

The time for talking and unnecessary political battles is over! Now is the time to act and stop believing in fairy tales. Now it’s time for our politicians, all (honest, dishonest, corrupt, old, young, left or right, gay or straight, women or men, Christians or Muslims or Hindus or any other religion or belief, whites or blacks or yellow or blue), to stop talking of useless matter, and act to seriously stop all this!!!

Religious terrorism is like a cancer; maybe, when you take it in time, it will be possible to stop it after an invasive surgery followed by radiotherapy. Vice versa, if you are late, or you underestimate it, it will spread everywhere, and there won’t be any more chances to defeat it!

Well, ISIS have been underestimated for too long!!!