Francia, attacco killer a Charlie Hebdo: 12 vittime, 8 feriti, 4 gravissimi – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Francia, attacco killer a Charlie Hebdo: 12 vittime, 8 feriti, 4 gravissimi – La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Paris Attack

I am astonished!
each day one new attack perpetrated by terrorists in name of their God!
Today in Paris, 12 unarmed people shoot dead, one police officer executed (in the video).
All this happen also because we believe that our society is safe, and we have been taught that having a weapon for self defence is “Bad” is “devil”!
But let me ask this: what about if instead of filming the event with a mobile, the guy would have had a weapon? probably at least the Police man would have been injured but not executed…
My thought now goes to the victims families’ and the victims! R.I.P.

Sono Basito!
Ogni giorno un nuovo attacco perpetrato da terroristi in nome del loro Dio!
Oggi a parigi, 12 persone disarmate uccise a sangue freddo, un poliziotto giustiziato (nel video)
Tutto questo succede anche perché noi tutti pensiamo che la nostra sia una società sicura, e ci è stato insegnato che avere un arma per difesa personale è “male”, è “il Diavolo”!
Ma lasciatemi chiedere questo: E se invece di filmare il tragico evento con un telefonino, quest’uomo avesse avuto un arma? probabilmente, almeno il poliziotto sarebbe stato si ferito ma non giustiziato…
Il mio pensiero va alle famiglie delle vittime ed alle vittime! R.I.P.

Me in Short …


Danilo Amelotti was born in Torino in 1972, and lived in there up until 1989.

In 1989 he joined the Italian Army Sergeant Academy in Viterbo and in 1990 was promoted Sergeant. He was assigned to the Company school of 9th Regiment “Col Moschin” (Army SF) in Livorno in March 1990.

Amelotti graduate SF on 19 November 1991 (License number 802) and was assigned to the operative component of 9Th Regiment “Col Moschin”.

He spent almost all his career in the SF regiment, and during this time he was deployed in several mission theater such as Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Afghanistan and Iraq. His assignments include SF Team member, SF Team Leader, special recognition, sniper and counter sniper, JCO commander (Joint Commission Observer), Close protection team Leader and Trainer.

In 2006 he was assigned to the Italian Antarctic Program for a four-month tournament and went to the Antarctic Continent supporting the scientific research in quality of Alpine and Scuba dive Guide, and explosive expert.

In 2007 was assigned to ISTC (International Special Training Center) as Sniper, Survival and CAC Instructor. During his period in ISTC he was assigned as NCOIC of Survival division, than become Executive Officer in the same Division.

He was Instrumental leader responsible for changing the combat survival course training method introducing the Conduct After Capture (CAC), which better trains international SF and SOF students to endure hostile captivity on the modern battlefield. Responsible for several Feasibility study to develop a sniper advance course, a CAC training week, and add the newest Personal Recovery knowledge and techniques.

In September 2010, he was reassigned to the 9th Regiment “Col Moschin” G3 OPS cell, as J3 officer.

Amelotti Danilo resign from active Duty on 09 June 2014, and he now is Freelance trainer, writer and shareholder at A&G Publishing GmbH.

Danilo Amelotti Major Awards & Decorations:

Solemn Encomium (Somalia)

Encomium (Somalia)

Encomium (kosovo)

Encomium (Iraq)

Encomium (Afghanistan)

Praise (Germany)

15 years Parachutist Medal, Somalia Campaign Medal, Peace Keeping Missions Medal / Silver Star, UN Somalia Campaign Medal, NATO Bosnia Campaign Medal, NATO Kosovo Campaign Medal, NATO Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Afghanistan Enduring Freedom Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Antarctic Scientific Campaign Medal, Special Forces Tab, Diver Supervisor Badge, Combat Ski Instructor Ribbon, Combat Climb Instructor Ribbon, Parachutist HALO / HAHO Badge, HALO / HAHO Jumpmaster Badge and Parachutist Badges, Germany, USA, France

Danilo Amelotti Civilian Education

Diploma of Science in Social Sciences         2005

Overall GPA: 99/100

Danilo Amelotti Military Education

Conduct After Capture Instructor Course, 2009

Defense Language Institute, English , 2007

Scuba diver Instructor Course,  2004

Military sky Instructor Course,  2000

Military Climbing Instructor Course,  2000

Sniper Course,  1998

Sharp Shooter Course,  1998

Expert in Avalanche and Snow Condition Course,  1997

Combat Medical Course,  1996

Free fall Jump Muster Course,  1995

Combat Scuba Diver Course,  1994

SF Course (which include CQB course, explosive expert course,  SERE course, CT course, Tactical Amphibious course, Mountaineering courses, Radio and communication Course, rifle and pistol shooting course, Patrol course,Topography course etc.) 1990/91

Warrant Officer Academy                                                                        1989