Lee Pictures OP Telic 1 (99)

Date: 13 March 2003
Location: Kuwait
Photo By: Cpl Paul (Jabba) Jarvis RLC
Image No is: File Name

Caption: The 1st Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (1 RRF)
Battlegroup give a demonstration to the world media on how they intend to overcome the trenches in Iraq. For this demonstration, Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks from the Queens Royal Lancers, provide covering fire for the Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles as the soldiers of 1 RRF advance to the enemy trenches.
For More Information Contact :
Picture Editor
Crown Copyright
HQ Land Command
Erskine Barracks
Wilton, Wilts
Tel No 01722 433315
Fax No 01722 433677

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