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From 29th September and 1st October 2013, the Česká zbrojovka (CZ) held the CZ Reunion of European Journalist 2013, where TNM was proud to be present. During the reunion we have got opportunity to visit CZ shop in Prague, and attend to the presentation and fire tests of all new products, and talk to some of the staff member and engineers of CZ. Among the many weapons showed and provided for test, TNM interest have been oriented on CZ tactical Line, which comprehend their pistols (CZ 75, Shadow and polymer Line) the assault rifle CZ
805 Bren and his GL CZ 805 G1, and their SMG (Sub Machine Gun) CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 and the civilian version 3S1. Today I will remain focused on their SMG, giving you appointment at our future issues for the other CZ Tactical weapons review.

CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1, the CZ Sub Machine Gun
In order to describe The CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 I would describe it only with one word, “Amazing”, but although this could be fair for the weapon, it cannot really provide you the right view. The Scorpion Evo 3 A1 officially entered the market in 2011 with the military version, and the second quarter of 2012 with civilian version. Scorpion Evo fits into the Sub machine Gun category. Since 1918, the SMGs have always been present in the armories of worldwide military and Police forces.
Its original role has always been a middle way between a small handgun, which could provide five to 15 shots (today 19 with CZ P-09) out to 50 Meters range (54 yards), and a longer rifle (today called assault rifles) that was accurate out to 600 mt (656 yards). Initially considered the good weapons for soldiers and police not employed in the front line and/or, due to their specificity, in needs of a small dimension but still effective and accurate weapons (such us Parachutists, tank drivers etc), the SMG has been integrated and used more and more often by special worldwide units. The SMG sector, that saw on the market weapons such us British designed Sterling, the Israeli Uzi, and the Czech Sa vz. 23, has been dominated since 1966 by the HK MP5. Today CZ finally present a solid and valid concurrent to it.

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is built in caliber 9 MM Luger.
Considered by us the most advanced SMG today produced, it is built with durable polymers that greatly reduce the overall weight and maintenance, and improve durability and shooting balance. The Scorpion Evo 3 A1, is equipped with folding and adjustable stock enabling shooting from the shoulder or, when folded, shooting from free hand. The effective range is up to 250 Mt (which is considered a great distance for a 9 MM SMG) but it is considered reduced at 50 Mt when use with free hand (only for an accuracy perspective). When the last cartridge from the magazine has been shot, the bolt remains locked-open, allowing a quick and easy inspection or reload. As for many other modern weapons, it is not required any tools routine maintenance disassembly.
The Scorpion EVO A1 is an ambidextrous weapons (ambidextrous control of fire mode selector and possibility of reversible positioning of cocking handle), has a multiple rails, and an horizontally adjustable pistol Grip, which greatly improves the weapons handling.

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TNM Test report
Handling In 23 year of career within the army SPECOP, I learned that Sub Machine Guns are really important in multiple situations. Considering that most of operation conducted with the use of such weapons, as in instance close protection, or anti terrorism operations, required to have a reliable, stable and really accurate weapon system, also able to provide a great fire power, it result quite difficult to find the proper one. This is, most probably, the reason why since 1966 the MP5 was the best and unique one. From the first moment that I saw the Scorpion Evo 3 A1, I start thinking that it could have been the real new SMG. When taken in my hand I immediately appreciate the good handling. The foldable and adjustable stock resulted being very stable also when wearing a plate carrier or body armour. In fact most of the weapons stock have the tendency to slide up to the shoulder, forcing the operator to modify the jacket or place the stock in “strange position”. With Scorpion Evo 3 A1, CZ solve also this problem, shaping the whole stock in a way that stand immediately and always safely position on the operator shoulder, improving the overall safety and accuracy of the shooter. Going forward I found really interesting and useful the horizontal adjustable pistol grip. Although I do not have a big hand, I know for experience that all big hand shooters are always looking for new grips or system that allowed them to have a better feeling with the weapon. The Scorpion Pistol Grip system, provide an easy and quick solution that will have a secure success within the “big Hand
Another great feature of Scorpion stands in his double way to close the bolt. With other model of SMG the only way to load your gun after opening the bolt, or reload when the bolt remain open when magazine empty, stand in their cocking handle. CZ Scorpion Evo has a double system, one as for any other weapons stand in the cocking handle, the other one is immediately up to the trigger (like in many modern pistols) and can be activated by the thumb. Again in front of the trigger the magazine catch, which help the fast magazine change and reload procedures. The overall system appears to be very well designed by the CZ engineers, that set the Scorpion Evo up to leave to the operator a great control of all weapon mechanism and safety with one hand. Tactically speaking, I was happy to find through the ejection port an accessible forward assist protrusion, which enables the operator to push the bolt into its front position (very useful in case a silent loading is required or when the weapon is heavily dirt). Furthermore the transparent and solid magazine, that allowed a quick evaluation of number of cartridge, served in its magazine housing by magazine exchange, resulted to be a great choice.

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Well, allowed me to start with an adjective… SEXY… I know, this is not really professional when talking about weapon designed for Special ops, but I can assure all of you that I have been using this world with very few weapons in my whole career, and Scorpion Evo is one of this. Nothing, from the first round up until the last one (over 700 rounds during the test), let me feel any problem or possible critique at the weapon. It demonstrate to be immediately ready to hit the target with accuracy, remaining always stable and on sight, also when shooting in limited burst or burst mode. There was a very slight tendency of rising during the burst, but not really sufficient to let the aim going out of the point of aim (three round burst within an 2CM from 25 mt). As told before, the perfect shape of the stock allowed the weapon to safely stand on my shoulder, even when moving and shooting, soft run and shooting, or exposing from a hide position; the weapon was firmly there, ready to engage the next target. Changing the magazine can be considered as a routine maneuver also for inexperience shooter. The trigger setting was optimal, and I required only few rounds to get the best feeling with it. The muzzle thread and a small retaining tooth, allowed the quick and safe change from muzzle breaker to suppressor. Finally the shooting selector position allowed me to easily work with it and with no need of visual control. With no exaggeration, and considering that I am anyway a bit rusty with such weapon handling (since 7 years I have been using only sniper rifles), I felt Scorpion as an old comrade.

Final Consideration
Overall the Scorpion Evo 3 A1, demonstrate to be the perfect Sub machine gun not only for nowadays Special Police and SPECOPs units, but thanks to its great and well designed engineer, also by these Units that are not normally using such weapons. To make a possible long description very short, you don’t need to be an expert shooter or SF/SOF to use it, you will only need to know how to basically shoot a weapon. Finally, considering that at the moment the Scorpion Evo 3 A1 has been acquired by Czeck republic armed forces, Vietnam, Egypt, Mexico, Philippines, Georgia, Thailand, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Latin America, and others, it is possible understand that pretty soon many other nations will get decide for this great SMG.

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