BREAKING NEWS – New Paris hostage terror: Gunman claiming to be armed with grenades and Kalashnikov takes three people captive in post office | Daily Mail Online

A gunman claiming to be armed with a Kalashnikov and grenades has taken three people hostage at a Paris suburb.

Pictures posted online show police vehicles surrounding the building in Colombes, around seven miles from the centre of the French capital.

It is not known if the siege is linked to last week’s terror attacks. 


BREAKING NEWS - New Paris hostage terror: Gunman claiming to be armed with grenades and Kalashnikov takes three people captive in post office | Daily Mail Online

BREAKING NEWS – New Paris hostage terror: Gunman claiming to be armed with grenades and Kalashnikov takes three people captive in post office | Daily Mail Online.

The Truth Behind The Chinese ‘Supersonic Submarine’ Report!

Nowadays happens very often to read a new fascinating and really impressive news about one or another nation’s new military technology.
For the main part of the audience is almost impossible to define whether the information is real or just SPAM!!! here following an article that is a clear example of how “mainstream media are very often cooking up a 7 course meal using just a pice of bread!


A few days ago, I came across an article titled “New Chinese Supersonic Submarine could travel from China to San Francisco in less than 2 hours” or something like that. It sounded ridiculous. I read the news reports and found them to be highly fanatical and full of imagination. The statements of the scientists have been over interpreted. This is yet another case of the mainstream media cooking up a 7 course meal using a piece of bread. What follows, is my decoding and analysis of the actual report and the separation of the fact from fiction.

Shkval is an underwater high speed torpedo developed by Russia during the Cold War. It had an unusually high speed of more than 375 km/hr which made it 4 times as fast when compared to other torpedoes. But its speed made sure than a lot of sacrifices had to be made. It could…

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Armata – The Ultimate Next Generation Main Battle Tank

It is always good to get more knowledge, especially concerning weapons



Ever since the British introduced tanks into warfare during WW1 , replacing the horse mounted cavalry ,they have become an integral part of virtually every army in the world. With their heavy , armored bodies and powerful cannon armament, Tanks form the spearhead of any major combat on land. Their designs have rapidly evolved from slow moving hulks armed with a cannon on each side to fast moving hulks with a massive main cannon.


image A manned Abrams turret where 3 of the crew are exposed to any turret explosions.

 All the tanks in the world follow a standard design with a chassis and turret , and a main gun along with a smaller caliber secondary gun on the turret. They usually have a crew of 3-4 men. The crew includes , The gunner , commander , driver and loader. In some cases , the loader is replaced…

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In caso di Incendio o emergenza Non Saltare fuori dalla finestra!!

non saltare dalla finestra-emergenza-fuoco-discesa-in corda-danilo-amelotti-EBE

Quante volte avete sentito o letto di persone che, rimaste intrappolate in un edificio a causa di un incendio, hanno deciso di saltare giu’ dalla finestra?

Penso tutti ricorderete gli avvenimenti dell’11 Settembre 2001 (9/11), e ricorderete le agghiaccianti immagini di persone che saltavano nel vuoto!

Vivere o lavorare in un palazzo alto e’ sicuramente piacevole, dalle finestre si può’ godere di un ottima vista, il rumore del traffico e’ minore, l’aria più’ pulita… Ma quando dovesse giungere il momento di evacuare rapidamente può’ diventare una TRAPPOLA MORTALE…

Non serve un enorme incidente, basta un muro di fuoco e fumo che vi intrappola in una stanza.

I vigili del Fuoco hanno scale che possono arrivare fino al 5 piano, non oltre, e comunque impiegheranno sempre del tempo per arrivare sul posto.

Oggi, grazie alla conoscenza ed alla tecnologia, chiunque può’ essere preparato a tale evenienza ed avere un via alternativa di fuga.  Anche persone con disabilità motorie e bambini possono facilmente evacuare un edificio in tutta sicurezza.

Io vi propongo un sistema innovativo che vi permetterà di evacuare un edificio rapidamente, autonomamente, ed in piena sicurezza, usando una finestra o un balcone come “via di fuga”. EBE

Qui di seguito una serie di articoli di incidenti avvenuti in Italia.

Milano, per salvarsi dall’incendio anziano si butta dalla finestra e muore

Incendio in casa, padre lancia figlia dalla finestra a un passante e le salva la vita

Era sabato sera quando un cestino per i rifiuti ha preso fuoco nel palazzo. In poco tempo, le fiamme si sono propagate fino a rendere impossibile la fuga.

Via Giovannetti: incendio in appartamento, uomo si butta dalla finestra
„Sorpreso nell’appartamento in fiamme dell’ex compagna si lancia dalla finestra“


Divampa incendio in casa Si lancia dalla finestra



Boardman apt. catches fire, man jumps from window |

SAS and Army on UK streets as al Qaida warns Britain: You’re Next – Breitbart

SAS and Army on UK streets as al Qaida warns Britain: You’re Next - Breitbart

SAS troops, counter-terrorism police and army personnel are joining forces to stage the biggest security operation on British streets since the 2012 Olympic Games. Their deployment comes amidst statements from Al Qaida warning Britain: you’re next.

SAS and Army on UK streets as al Qaida warns Britain: You’re Next – Breitbart.

The 18 Military Facebook Pages You Should Be Following

As co-owner of Tactical News Magazine, which comprehend also a Facebook Fan page, I strongly recommend to check the other best 18 Military Facebook pages.

Following us all, is another good way to support and getting confidence with the Military world!

Enjoy 🙂

The 18 Military Facebook Pages You Should Be Following.

Explained : How Stealth Technology Works

did you know?



‘Stealth’ is the buzzword when we are talking about any modern fighter, bomber, warship or submarine. The top militaries in the word are spending billions trying to develop or ‘acquire’ stealth technology. But as is the case with science, the word ‘stealth’ is misunderstood by the general public. It is viewed as a phenomenon which is like magic and makes things invisible and invincible. In this article, I will explain the physics and engineering principles behind stealth technology and will try my best to give you a clear understanding of how this complex technology works.

The legendary B-2 © Tyler Rogoway


To understand stealth technology, we need to know about the basic working principle of a radar. A radar sends out electromagnetic waves, which reflect on an obstruction and return. This signal is processed in order to determine the exact position, size and direction of target…

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Second Hostigate Crisis – Man (Amedy Coulibaly) and Woman (Hayat Boumediene) – Terror Squad Linked To Al Qaeda In Yemen Storm Kosher Paris Grocery Store… 2 Dead…linked To Murdered Policewoman…Possible Kouachi Connection

As in the worst fear … could this the beginning aof a new terror era in EU?

I regretfully have to admit that probably it is! Maybe it is time for Politicians and pacifist to understand that we are not living in a safe environment!

Universal Journal Review

New York Daily News: The gunman, reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, has killed at least two people at a grocery in Porte de Vincennes, according to reports Friday. The armed man has taken five people hostage and is reportedly linked to Thursday’s murder of a Paris police officer and is an ‘associate’ of terror brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, who carried out Wednesday’s terror attack on Charlie Hebdo.

A second round of gunfire has broken out in eastern Paris, where an armed man has killed two people and taken hostages at a kosher grocery, according to reports.

The standoff Friday afternoon comes as police have surrounded terror brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, two Al Qaeda in Yemen linked militants suspected to have carried out the deadly attack Wednesday that left 12 dead at the offices of satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.


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Paris Again