Kidnapping for ransom works like a market. How it is organized is surprising. (source -The Washington Post)

Hi, I would suggest all people involved in trip over “dangerous countries” and their organisations’ to read the linked article.

Ransom and mediation in a kidnap situation are always a big problem, and in the article you can probably understand how big is it!

As my short and probably “silly or naive” consideration, I think it would be way better for people, organisations, NGOs, etc, that work in dangerous areas, to attend a proper preparation and training, to connect themselves with serious and diligent “travel Risk Management” company, thus to drastically reduce the probability to be be subject to “an abduction”.


It isn’t kidnappers who regulate the market for hostage taking. It’s insurance companies. 

Read the article: Kidnapping for ransom works like a market. How it is organized is surprising. – The Washington Post

‘Kidnap gangs will seek soft targets in revenge’ – Nation | The Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Kidnap-for-ransom groups will step up attacks and grab soft targets such as fishermen as a way to exact revenge on Malaysian security forces for killing a kidnap kingpin, said anti-kidnapping activist Prof Octavio Dinampo.

These southern Philippines-based cross border criminal groups are believed to be plotting to avenge the death of Abraham Hamid and two others by the Malaysian security forces on Thursday.

“They won’t confront the security forces.“Instead, they will try to abduct more soft targets to insult the Malaysians while collecting more hostages for ransom,” Octavio told The Star.

These criminals, he said, were prepared to lose their lives carrying out their activities.“So, they don’t mind the risks for a great reward,” said the Jolo island-based activist.

He said Abraham and other gunmen who encountered the elite Malaysian police squad, the Tiger Platoon, following an abduction and robbery spree in waters between Lahad Datu and Semporna, were part of a cross border criminals strike force.

“The gangs have fast vessels, usually powered by two big outboard engines, each at least 80 horsepower to stage the kidnappings.”He said these cross border criminal groups would have sympathisers in Sabah’s east coast who would provide them with information about the location of their targets.

Such sympathisers must be weeded out, Octavio said.

On Saturday, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Abdul Rashid Harun acknowledged that they were bracing for revenge attacks following the killing of three kidnappers and the capture of two others in the Thursday shootout.

He said the police were continuing to interrogate the two kidnappers who were arrested following the shootout near Pulau Gaya.

Also believed to have been injured then was another kidnap kingpin, Jul Hassan, who was in another boat.

The latest drama was the ninth such incident in waters off Sabah’s east coast this year.

Source: ‘Kidnap gangs will seek soft targets in revenge’ – Nation | The Star Online

Bandits abduct 35 women in Zamfara

Suspected armed bandits today abducted about 35 women working on a farm at Matankari village in Dansadau district of Maru local government area of Zamfara state.

Residents told Daily Trust that the armed bandits arrived at the farm in the forest on motorbikes carried the women and dashed in to the forest.

The incident came barely one month after 40 residents were abducted in Maru local government area of the state and released in a cows- for- persons swap deal with the state government.

The armed bandits are now in to kidnapping in Zamfara state and dozens of residents were abducted and millions of Naira paid in ransom to regain their freedom.

The abducted  women were threshing sorghum on a farm belonging to one Alhaji Adamu when the gunmen invaded the farmland and whisked them away. It was not clear whether they had demanded or would demand for ransom.

A resident Alhaji Mu’awuya told our reporter that after going deep inside the forest with the women the armed bandits decided to release the aged ones among them,  while the young ladies remained with them.

“One of my neighbours called Alhaji Garba Matankari whose aged mother was among the abducted  women but later released just left here I would have given him the phone for you to talk to him.” Alhaji Mu’a wuya said.

He further explained that the residents have mobilized and followed the armed bandits in search of the women adding that even those released by gunmen are still missing.

“My neighbour’s mother is at home now she is being treated after her feet became swollen because of the long distance trek inside the forest. The armed bandits were heard saying that they would descend on other villages around the area.” He added.

The spokesman of the state police command DSP Muhammad Shehu could not be reached for comments as at the time of filing this report.

Source: Bandits abduct 35 women in Zamfara

CIBSPOL Institut Pist.

Murder in Mozambique: Death threats cut short Chaz’s epic Zambezi trek « Shropshire Star

Kidnap and murder warnings cut short the adventure of a lifetime for a man hoping to become the first ever person to walk the entire length of the Zambezi River in Africa.

Source: Murder in Mozambique: Death threats cut short Chaz’s epic Zambezi trek « Shropshire Star

You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said

You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss how ISIS – also known as Daesh – is not desperate after the burning of the Jordanian pilot, as the Defense Department claims, but instead loves to torture and is empowered by it.

“They’re having the time of their lives. This kind of violence is captivating, exhilarating and thrilling to these guys. It’s never going to get better for them than this,” Peters said. “They have power now. They can exert their will over others.”

Then he said this:

Keep reading and watch the interview at:  You Will Never Hear A Better Comment About ISIS After What Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Just Said.

Orrore Isis, diffuso video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese | Imola Oggi

L’Isis ha diffuso il video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese, il reporter Kenji Goto. Lo riferisce il Site, il sito di monitoraggio del jihadismo. Il video di 1 minuto e 7 secondi è stato prodotto da al-Furqan Media Foundation, la ‘casa di produzione’ dell’Isis, aggiunto il Site, ed è stato diffuso su Twitter. Ad uccidere l’ostaggio giapponese Kenji Goto è di nuovo John il jihadista.


Continua a leggere a: Orrore Isis, diffuso video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese | Imola Oggi.

Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news

It was really sad to watch the news this morning and get to know that the first of the two Japan Hostages was brutally killed.

There are really no much world that can be said in such sad situation!  As probably (and hopefully) the majority of you, I cannot find any sort of justification for the murdering of an innocent and unarmed person.

I admit to have contrasting thought on the action that should be followed in order to avoid the dead of the second hostage.  In fact, if in one hand I would not surrend to these criminal requests’, on the other hand I feel as the life of the remained Hostage is surely the most important one.

I found also useless in this case just say that we should kill them all, this because at the moment the priority (at least for the Japan Government) is to find a way to save the life of the Hostage, and shouting dead sentence would not help in the looking for a solution!

In any case, and anyway, wether that Japan Government will manage to have him safely back, or not, we will all have to seriously think on a real solution of this problem.  If we (and I say we, because this is a common problem to any nation of this small world) don’t begin to seriously think at a huge coalition to smash and extirpate ISIS and any other similar Terroristic organisation, we will definitely get used to the killings of Hostage in TV!

As always my though goes to the Hostage, to the victims and to their families!

Japanese PM condemns apparent ISIL killing of hostage as ‘outrageous’ | euronews, world news.

ISIS Captures Twenty Christian Men And A 14 Year Old Christian Girl, And Is Now Torturing Them, And It Is Now Said That They Will Most Likely Execute Them – Walid Shoebat

ISIS Captures Twenty Christian Men And A 14 Year Old Christian Girl, And Is Now Torturing Them, And It Is Now Said That They Will Most Likely Execute Them - Walid Shoebat

How many unarmed children, women, and men still need to be captured before all nations (no matter what religion they profess) will begin a REAL fight with ISIS?

I am not an alarmist, but I have to admit that ISIS is a real treat for all our cultures and nations.  What they are doing on a big scale in Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc. will be soon done in our nations!

My thought to all victims, from any nation and religion!

“ISIS captured twenty Christian men and a 14 year old Christian girl. It is now being said that they are being tortured and that likely ISIS will slaughter them.

Parents of the captive Christians rallied in front of the United Nations building in Cairo. Here is a photo said to be of some of the kidnapped victims:… …”

Continue reading at: ISIS Captures Twenty Christian Men And A 14 Year Old Christian Girl, And Is Now Torturing Them, And It Is Now Said That They Will Most Likely Execute Them – Walid Shoebat.

Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news

Hear we are again!

I regretfully have to say that this kind of news will never get to an end!  If in one hand, terrorists are making of such treat a kind of “institution” (allowed me this term), on the other hand, there are to many people not really aware on what to do and how to behave when traveling or working in “high risk countries or environments”

No, I don’t want to say that it is Hostage fault, or that thanks to a better preparation and training such tremendous event (kidnapping) will get to an end, but I am sure it will become harder for these foolish criminals to kidnap people!

My thought goes to the two Japanese hostages and their families!

READ THE FULL NEWS Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news.

La mia Risposta alla Blogger “ERETICA” ed a due suoi articoli ….Greta e Vanessa, sotto assedio. Fortuna che l’Italia è un luogo privo di odio! – Al di là del Buco

Greta e Vanessa, sotto assedio. Fortuna che l’Italia è un luogo privo di odio! – Al di là del Buco


permettimi di replicare ai tuoi diversi articoli sulle Signore Vanessa e Greta.  Innanzi tutto non penso che per difendere loro o comunque criticare (anche giustamente) chi ne ha fatto le “zimbelle” dei social media sia necessario portare avanti un discorso Politico.  Ne tantomeno, come avevi affermato tu in un tuo precedente scritto, avvicinare la storia delle due signore alla vicenda ormai “eterna” di Salvatore e Massimo (visto che usiamo i nomi, allora tutte e 4 le PERSONE hanno dei nomi!).

Fin tanto che proclami la libertà di azione e di pensiero di ogni persona, dovresti evitare di accomunare le stesse a dei credo politici di qualsiasi specie, anche, e soprattutto, perché’ non fai altro che sminuire e svalutare quello che potrebbe essere il tuo messaggio.

L’Italia che te definisci “squadrista” che te definisci “fascista” in realtà e’ un Italia che e’ stanca di vedere 1000 pesi e 1000 misure, ed e’ altrettanto stanca di vedere che quando si tratta di difendere (in accordo con leggi internazionali stabilite da decine di nazioni) un militare, se ne lavano tutti le mani, e quando invece si tratta di usare altri “militari” per difendere e salvare due ragazze sprovvedute, allora va tutto bene! ( e si perché’ non pensare che le signore Greta e Vanessa siano state liberate da pacifisti, ma bensì’ da uomini che rischiano la loro vita {vedasi Calipari} per portare a casa chi li ha comunque e sempre disprezzati)

Se condivido con te l’idea che non serve crocifiggere con inutili ed isterici insulti Vanessa e Greta (si spera avranno tempo di essere giustamente giudicate dagli organi competenti), non condivido assolutamente il tuo gergo sindacale e “Comunista”, che darebbe ad intendere che te lasceresti volentieri Salvatore e Massimo a marcire in una prigione Indiana (perché sempre per la legge del social media, loro sono due assassini, pur non avendo mai avuto un processo)!!!

In tutto ciò che dici e che affermi con vigore io leggo molte falle e probabilmente anche disconoscenza dei fatti e delle leggi.  Parlando di politica, ad esempio, ti posso assicurare che se le Signore Vanessa e Greta fossero state Russe, il governo Russo non penso si sarebbe prodigato per la loro liberazione, mentre sono sicuro che lo stesso governo Russo avrebbe portato Salvatore e Massimo a casa!  Quindi ora dimmi dove e come puoi mettere la politica e le ideologie in mezzo a queste discussioni!

Per quanto riguarda le signore Vanessa e Greta, beh lasciami dire che non possono essere viste da alcuno come due ragazze che volevano portare aiuto a popoli in difficoltà’… per lo meno non andando ad aiutare coloro i quali decapitano la gente perché’ di fede diversa, stuprano donne, sposano bambine di nemmeno 7 anni, costringono le donne alla schiavitù’ domestica etc etc etc.  … vedi, spesso in queste discussioni e lotte di parte si perde il filo del discorso, e ci si ritrova a “Sproloquiare” ovvero a dire ERESIE.

Le signore Vanessa e Greta, potranno anche essere state delle sprovvedute, me certamente sapevano da che parte della barricata andavano a portare il loro aiuto!

Poi, nelle analisi “neutre, quindi non di parte”  e’ lecito chiedersi come due ragazze giovani possano essere sopravvissute ad una prigionia gestita dai Fondamentalisti Islamici… Ora siamo onesti, tutti (penso anche te, visto che hai delle piattaforme mediatiche ed esperienza di giornalismo) abbiamo visto e vediamo cosa questi fondamentalisti fanno… tutti abbiamo visto come uccidono donne nel mezzo della strada con processi sommari (come al tempo delle inquisizioni, dove i fascisti ed i comunisti ancora non esistevano), tutti abbiamo visto come una persona rientra dopo un periodo di prigionia… … … ecco ora, guardando queste immagini da una finestra a politica e non di parte, cosa ti verrebbe da pensare?

Sai, io qualche esperienza di quei mondi e di quelle questioni ne ho, ed onestamente parlando, rimango un po’ incuriosito da tutta la faccenda… tutte quelle domande che ho scritto sopra e mille altre mi sono ed ancora mi passano per il cervello … e le risposte, a parete credere nello spirito santo (io non lo credo) non giocano a favore di due sprovvedute “Cappuccetto Rosso nel bosco”!

In più’, che lo stato abbia o non abbia pagato un riscatto, non ti dimenticare che ha corso il rischio di SACRIFICARE la vita dei suoi uomini di fiducia per portarle Vanessa e Greta a casa ed ha comunque speso una valanga di soldi.

In conclusione, io concordo con te, che gli insulti e le vignette stupide (per quanto oggi come oggi le vignette stupide sian di moda) possano non essere corrette (ma pur sempre libertà’ di parola e pensiero) ma da li a far di Vanessa e Greta due eroine della pace e della misericordia tra i popoli, ecco mi sembra un passo troppo lungo!


Eretica, siccome tu ti dichiari femminista schierata e inquadrata, dovresti capire che Vanessa e Greta sono andate nella tana dei MASCHI, non solo maschilisti o sessisti… li, fra i fondamentalisti, te (che penso tu sia donna) sei meno di un cane!



Greta e Vanessa, sotto assedio. Fortuna che l’Italia è un luogo privo di odio! – Al di là del Buco.