Kidnapping for ransom works like a market. How it is organized is surprising. (source -The Washington Post)

Hi, I would suggest all people involved in trip over “dangerous countries” and their organisations’ to read the linked article.

Ransom and mediation in a kidnap situation are always a big problem, and in the article you can probably understand how big is it!

As my short and probably “silly or naive” consideration, I think it would be way better for people, organisations, NGOs, etc, that work in dangerous areas, to attend a proper preparation and training, to connect themselves with serious and diligent “travel Risk Management” company, thus to drastically reduce the probability to be be subject to “an abduction”.


It isn’t kidnappers who regulate the market for hostage taking. It’s insurance companies. 

Read the article: Kidnapping for ransom works like a market. How it is organized is surprising. – The Washington Post

‘Kidnap gangs will seek soft targets in revenge’ – Nation | The Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Kidnap-for-ransom groups will step up attacks and grab soft targets such as fishermen as a way to exact revenge on Malaysian security forces for killing a kidnap kingpin, said anti-kidnapping activist Prof Octavio Dinampo.

These southern Philippines-based cross border criminal groups are believed to be plotting to avenge the death of Abraham Hamid and two others by the Malaysian security forces on Thursday.

“They won’t confront the security forces.“Instead, they will try to abduct more soft targets to insult the Malaysians while collecting more hostages for ransom,” Octavio told The Star.

These criminals, he said, were prepared to lose their lives carrying out their activities.“So, they don’t mind the risks for a great reward,” said the Jolo island-based activist.

He said Abraham and other gunmen who encountered the elite Malaysian police squad, the Tiger Platoon, following an abduction and robbery spree in waters between Lahad Datu and Semporna, were part of a cross border criminals strike force.

“The gangs have fast vessels, usually powered by two big outboard engines, each at least 80 horsepower to stage the kidnappings.”He said these cross border criminal groups would have sympathisers in Sabah’s east coast who would provide them with information about the location of their targets.

Such sympathisers must be weeded out, Octavio said.

On Saturday, Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Abdul Rashid Harun acknowledged that they were bracing for revenge attacks following the killing of three kidnappers and the capture of two others in the Thursday shootout.

He said the police were continuing to interrogate the two kidnappers who were arrested following the shootout near Pulau Gaya.

Also believed to have been injured then was another kidnap kingpin, Jul Hassan, who was in another boat.

The latest drama was the ninth such incident in waters off Sabah’s east coast this year.

Source: ‘Kidnap gangs will seek soft targets in revenge’ – Nation | The Star Online

Italian tourist shot dead after entering Rio slum on motorcycle



CIBSPOL Institut Pist.RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec 8 (Reuters) –

An Italian tourist traveling South America by motorcycle was shot dead on Thursday after mistakenly entering a hillside slum in Rio de Janeiro.

The tourist, identified by police as 52-year-old Roberto Bardella, was sightseeing with an Italian companion, also on motorcycle, when their GPS navigation system led them into a favela, as many of Rio’s poor neighborhoods are known.

There, a group of armed bandits opened fire on the two travelers, police said, and forced them from their motorcycles. Bardella died and his companion, whom police did not identify, was released.

The shooting, in the Morro dos Prazeres slum near the scenic hilltop neighborhood of Santa Teresa, comes as violence in Brazil’s best-known city rebounds following a years-long effort to reduce crime before Rio hosted games for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

An ongoing recession, rising unemployment and drained public security budgets have enabled drug traffickers and other criminal gangs to retake territory in many Rio neighborhoods where police had won an upper hand.As struggles between traffickers, other criminals and police have intensified, residents fear Rio could return to sort of violence common in decades past, when parts of the seaside city resembled war zones.

Last month, after daylong shootouts between police and suspected criminals in the favela of Cidade de Deus, a police helicopter crashed, killing four officers. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, but said initially that the helicopter did not appear to have been shot down.

Many residents of the slum, subject of a blockbuster 2002 film known in English as City of God, accused police of using excessive force during the fighting, in which at least seven people were killed. (Reporting by Paulo Prada; Editing by Alan Crosby)

Source: Italian tourist shot dead after entering Rio slum on …

Orrore Isis, diffuso video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese | Imola Oggi

L’Isis ha diffuso il video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese, il reporter Kenji Goto. Lo riferisce il Site, il sito di monitoraggio del jihadismo. Il video di 1 minuto e 7 secondi è stato prodotto da al-Furqan Media Foundation, la ‘casa di produzione’ dell’Isis, aggiunto il Site, ed è stato diffuso su Twitter. Ad uccidere l’ostaggio giapponese Kenji Goto è di nuovo John il jihadista.


Continua a leggere a: Orrore Isis, diffuso video della decapitazione dell’ostaggio giapponese | Imola Oggi.

Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news

Hear we are again!

I regretfully have to say that this kind of news will never get to an end!  If in one hand, terrorists are making of such treat a kind of “institution” (allowed me this term), on the other hand, there are to many people not really aware on what to do and how to behave when traveling or working in “high risk countries or environments”

No, I don’t want to say that it is Hostage fault, or that thanks to a better preparation and training such tremendous event (kidnapping) will get to an end, but I am sure it will become harder for these foolish criminals to kidnap people!

My thought goes to the two Japanese hostages and their families!

READ THE FULL NEWS Islamic State militants demand $200 million ransom for Japanese hostages | euronews, world news.