Following yesterday¹s announcement from Prime Minister David Cameron that two British nationals fighting with the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group had been killed by unmanned RAF aircraft, it today emerged a number of other extremists might soon be the target of an airstrike.Defence Secretary Michael Fallon refused to deny the existence of a list of extremists known to British security forces that will be taken out by a missile strike if they are located in Syria.He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The list is the other way round. There is a group of people who have lists of targets in this country, who are planning armed attacks on our streets and who are planning to disrupt major public events in this country.”Our job, together with the security agencies, is to keep us safe, to identify who they are and to track them down.”If there’s no other way of preventing these attacks then we¹ll authorise strikes like we did.”

More at: Islamic State: The British ISIS jihadis who could be next on Cameron’s drone ‘hit list’ | UK | News | Daily Express

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