This my comment is written first in English because I want everybody understand what kind of situation Italy is now “suffering”.
The white spot on the center bottom of this map indicate the latest illegal immigrant pick up point made by the Italian Navy. 14 boats with 4000 Illegals (I cannot call them refugees, or immigrants, at least until they show their real identity). I am not a person that would prefer to kill, or even worst, abandon people to a bad end, but we all must consider what is the right or the wrong action.
Continuing this procedure will only encourage unscrupulous smugglers and criminals to increase (day by day) this Human-traffic!
Wouldn’t be easier and safer to have a coalition force building up a collecting centre directly on the Libyan coasts, rather than pick up people right in front of them? Isn’t it the time to stop supporting Criminal activities? Yes I wrote SUPPORT, because our today action, although for many appear to be mercy in respect of the humans, it is only SUPPORT to criminals and smugglers!!!! 

And for those that believe that Italy will be the final destination, I have a bad news… Many of this illegals are daily crossing the Italian border and are spreading around the whole EU … Although we are the first suffering, you must consider that we won’t be the last!

It is time that all EU people (not politicians) will start complaining and force their government to help stop this Situation! We people will suffer the evolution of this situation not “them politicians” !

I live you to one Italian Article talking about the event.

Vi lascio all’articolo Italiano


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