Jihadists’ travel tips

Another Belgian jihadist with a high profile is Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan descent from a suburb of Brussels. An ISIS video posted in March last year shows him in a truck towing four dead bodies away in the aftermath of a massacre. Abaaoud’s 13-year old brother also arrived in Syria later — to become reputedly the youngest foreign fighter there.

Belgian analyst and historian Pieter Van Ostaeyen says jihadists help each other with travel advice through social media.

One posted on Facebook: “Everything you need is available here, be it clothes or things for your home, we have everything.” And a tip: “Don’t behave like a warrior. Shave your beards, behave like tourists and buy tickets back and forth.”

Precise figures on the number of Europeans who have gone to Iraq and Syria — and which groups they have joined — are hard to come by. The consensus among counter-terrorism analysts is that more than 3,000 have traveled, of whom 500 have returned, including up to 70 who have come back to Belgium.

Read the whole article at : From Antwerp to Aleppo — and back: Europe’s nightmare – CNN.com.

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