UCAV, A New Way of War?


Every day, somewhere, in some office, there is a discussion on the use of UCAVs.

Meanwhile the public opinion keep raising doubts on the use of these tactical systems (good both for surveillance and attack), all nations are running on the development of new and better UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle)  and UCTV (Unmanned Combat Terrestrial Vehicle) systems’.  

There is no doubt that they are for several reason better than any other past and actual systems:  it is, in fact, enough to affirm that UCAVs has the only limitation in their real autonomy (fuel consumption etc) and not in Human limitations’.  Since are remotely controlled (also by the use of satellites, which expand their use to a worldwide area), pilots, have no problem of sleep deprivation, or fear or any other “Human concerns” etc., therefore are considered “better soldiers”.

As Former Special Forces, I have some doubts on their future use and developments… we Human know that the war is not only shooting here or there, launching bombs etc, war is matter of killing people, create devastations, defend innocents, etc. … but the idea behind the future development of these UCAV and UCTV (Unmanned Combat Terrestrial Vehicle) stand in the research and development of system able to operate in the complete absence of Human control… in the future (not far in my opinion) we will probably have to just set the target or task in the computer and lunch the system… it will accomplish the mission, no matter what, when, where etc etc … very good if considering only the tactical and strategical tasks… but what about when Human are victim of failure systems?

what about in the hand of terroristic groups'?

My other big concern stand in the fact that, if we can create, develop and use such systems, also our enemies can!  this means that terroristic groups, weak nations etc (that before needed anyway a huge effort in oder to create a real treat) tomorrow (or already today) could need a small effort to gain a huge result…

we always need to remember that what can be achieved by the “good guys” with a huge effort, can be achieved by the “bad guys” with half of the same effort. In fact, meanwhile we are wondering whether these systems should be used or not, and how and when etc. , the bad guys have only the problem to gain some!

I leave you with the following article, which explain in short how UACVs gain power on the tactical scene, and what concerns are now showing up!

A New Way of War | Remote Control Project.

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Danilo Amelotti

I am a former Italian SPECOPs; after 25 years of service I left the active duty and I am now private trainer and co-owner of Tactical News Magazine International. I will write about my past and present experiences, trainings and training methodology, and I will comment actual event (mainly related to my past activities). Finally you will also find reviews on equipment and weapons. Sono un Incursore in congedo; dopo 25 anni di servizio ho lasciato il servizio attivo e sono ora un istruttore privato e comproprietario di Tactical News Magazine International. Sul mio blog scriverò articoli riguardanti le mie esperienze passate e presenti, parlerò' di addestramenti vari e metodologie di insegnamento, ed ovviamente commenterò' fatti attuali (maggiormente correlati con la mia passata esperienza). In fine pubblicherò' anche test di equipaggiamenti vari.

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