Belgium puts military in place amid terror threats in Europe – NY Daily News

Soldier down the streets In EU

And meanwhile In some Eu countries (i.e. Italy, Belgium and France) Soldiers in full war setting are sent down the streets, somewhere else  in the world Terrorist are celebrating their “other” victory! Yes because the needs felt by these nations to raise their security standards and control by the enforce of soldiers in the streets, is a clear sign that fear is now among the european people!!!

In whole Europe we have dozens of police forces and security agencies, all of them designated to control the territory;  but after the recent event, some nations decided to send “also” Military.

To this point my questions are: Is it really necessary?  or maybe, should we only trust our police forces?

I will look forward for your comments!

Belgium puts military in place amid terror threats in Europe – NY Daily News.

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Danilo Amelotti

I am a former Italian SPECOPs; after 25 years of service I left the active duty and I am now private trainer and co-owner of Tactical News Magazine International. I will write about my past and present experiences, trainings and training methodology, and I will comment actual event (mainly related to my past activities). Finally you will also find reviews on equipment and weapons. Sono un Incursore in congedo; dopo 25 anni di servizio ho lasciato il servizio attivo e sono ora un istruttore privato e comproprietario di Tactical News Magazine International. Sul mio blog scriverò articoli riguardanti le mie esperienze passate e presenti, parlerò' di addestramenti vari e metodologie di insegnamento, ed ovviamente commenterò' fatti attuali (maggiormente correlati con la mia passata esperienza). In fine pubblicherò' anche test di equipaggiamenti vari.

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