Nowadays happens very often to read a new fascinating and really impressive news about one or another nation’s new military technology.
For the main part of the audience is almost impossible to define whether the information is real or just SPAM!!! here following an article that is a clear example of how “mainstream media are very often cooking up a 7 course meal using just a pice of bread!


A few days ago, I came across an article titled “New Chinese Supersonic Submarine could travel from China to San Francisco in less than 2 hours” or something like that. It sounded ridiculous. I read the news reports and found them to be highly fanatical and full of imagination. The statements of the scientists have been over interpreted. This is yet another case of the mainstream media cooking up a 7 course meal using a piece of bread. What follows, is my decoding and analysis of the actual report and the separation of the fact from fiction.

Shkval is an underwater high speed torpedo developed by Russia during the Cold War. It had an unusually high speed of more than 375 km/hr which made it 4 times as fast when compared to other torpedoes. But its speed made sure than a lot of sacrifices had to be made. It could…

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